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888-606-4841- Uninstalling installed software in Windows’ versions, Keyboard Shortcuts & Preventing Windows Store

1. Uninstalling installed software in Windows’ versions

While using your Windows, sometimes, you feel that your Windows is working slowly. This usually happens due to the installation of many unwanted programs about which even you are not aware. And when you look on an installed program, then you see that many of the programs are running about which you do not have any knowledge. In this situation, you need to delete these unwanted installed programs for which you can visit Microsoft Windows® support customer help desk page for uninstalling a program in Windows 10/8/7. With this helpdesk page, you can have a perfect way to uninstall any program from your Windows OS.

Uninstalling a program is somewhat tricky as different Windows’ versions have different ways of installation, and thus users may get difficulties in uninstalling a program on a specific Windows. In this troubling situation, users can dial Microsoft Windows® support number customer help service to easily uninstall programs in Windows. Anyway, you can also go through this article post to know how to uninstall a particular program in Windows 10. Read more at https://www.rebelmouse.com/windows_support/888-606-4841-uninstalling-installed-software-in-windows-versions-1983228473.html

2.  Keyboard Shortcuts for Most Basic Used Commands in Windows

While using Windows users, sometimes, get irritated of frequent use of mouse and look for shortcuts that can be utilized with the help of keyboard. There are numbers of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to minimize the number of steps that are done with the help of mouse. These keyboards shortcuts and commands help the users in reducing the time of doing any task with better productivity. While using some commands users, sometimes, get trouble in using these commands. It will be good if a user can visit Microsoft Windows® customer service official help page for support on using basic commands in Microsoft Windows.

There are many types of keywords and commands that are used by a Windows user among which Cut, Copy, and Paste are the most common basic tools frequently needed while using Windows. But, sometimes it happens that these basic Windows commands become non-functional. In such conditions, you better ask a 3rd party tech support provider, such as Intelli Atlas. In case of emergency help, Windows users can dial Microsoft Windows® phone support customer service number if your Microsoft Windows commands are non-functional. However, with this article post, you will come to know about the most common basic commands of Microsoft Windows everyone should know. Read more at https://helpwindowsonlinesupport.shutterfly.com/

3. Preventing Windows Store from releasing in Chrome or Firefox

Windows Store is an app that comes preinstalled with Windows 10 and with its help users can browse, download and update apps on their system. And when you search for Windows store app in your default browsers like Mozilla or Chrome, then Windows store apps automatically opens and directs you to download from a page of an app. If you are not satisfied with this way and getting annoyance, then you can visit Windows support official web site for help to get rid of automatic opening of Widows store in browser.

However, you can also go through this article post to know that how you can easily prevent Chrome and Firebox from an automatic opening of Windows store in browsers. Blocking Windows store is too simple and to do this in an easy manner with the help of a 3rd party technical support agency, like Intelli Atlas. To get better output without facing any sort of hassle, you can dial Microsoft Windows® support phone number customer service help for blocking Windows Store from opening in web browsers. This Windows support number is available all day and night, so you can connect at any time. Before connecting with these support numbers, you can also go through the procedure shown in this post. Read more at https://tackk.com/tnt4jy

so you can connect at any time. Before connecting with these support numbers, you can also go through the procedure shown in this post. Read more at https://tackk.com/tnt4jy

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