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Deletion of Program on Windows 8 and using the Narrator on Windows 8.1

Windows 8 is new operating system and one can find it on different gadgets. It is different when we compare it to the old operating systems. You may require the help regarding the deletion of the functions and the un-installation of the programs. You can abide by the simple instructions or have the option to go for the  Microsoft Windows Support Services from the third party technician who can provide the due guidance because of its skill, certification and the experience. The procedure of the deletion of the programs in Windows 8 is mentioned as under:

 Method 1

Un-installation of the titled programs:

In case, you have the mouse, you can right click on the title:  If you do not carry the mouse, you can touch and hold the tile till the bounce and after this, need to flick it down a bit. Next, you can tap the un-installation button. Now, you can abide by the prompts and it is accomplished.

Method 2

Un-installation of the non-titled programs:

·        Go to the charms menu. Holding the mouse in the bottom right screen corner, you can unlock the charms menu or can do this by the flick of the finger towards the screen center from the off screen located on the right hand side [in case, you possess the tablet].
·        Now, you have to tap on the search icon.
·        Tap on the application button in case the app is not getting displayed in an automatic manner.
·        Wind up towards the right till you witness the Control Panel. You have to tap on the button.
·        Under the heading of the program, you can look at an option named “Uninstall a program”. You can tap on this particular option.
·        Choose the program that you are interested in uninstalling and after this, press Uninstall. Give the response to the prompts and it is accomplished. For further guidance, if required, you can also call on  Windows Technical Support Service Phone Number of a 3rd party service provider to delete programs from Windows 8.

Method 3

Tile removal:

Choose the particular tile that you want to remove. In case, you are not interested in de-installation of the program but want the tile removal, it is an easy procedure for doing this.  If you possess the mouse, you can right click on the tile that has to be eradicated. If you are not in the possession of the mouse, touch and hold the tile till the bounce and after this, you need to flick down a bit.

·        Now tap “Unpin from start”.
·        Follow prompts and it is accomplished.

Method 4

Un-installation of the programs on phones:

·        From the start menu, you have to flick left for accessing the Apps list.
·        You have to tap and hold the application you wish to remove.
·        You can tap on Uninstall.
·        You can abide by the prompts and it is accomplished. If you feel the end result is not achieved as per your expectation, you have the option to go for  Microsoft Windows Customer Service Support for live chat support.

Using the narrator on Windows 8.1:

Microsoft has bought the augmented version of the narrator program in Windows 8.1 and this is in fact good news. The narrator program is one of the important features of Windows 8.1. You can explore the uses of the Narrator after enabling the particular program.

If you don’t know the feature much more and you wonder you could possibly not make use of the tool, you should go to a reliable technician and get an accurate Windows 8.1 customer support & help service to explore the feature. 

For enabling the narrator program, you need to commence the Narrator program. One can do this by following the different methods.

·        Type word Narrator. This is located in the Start Screen search box and then from the search results, you can select the Narrator program.
·        You can also commence this program by tapping the Windows and U key in a simultaneous manner.
·        Users can visit the Control panel and after this, tap on the Ease to access icon and further click on Ease to access center.

You have to get accustomed to the basic controls.  You can see some basic controls for the Narrator program that is located on the top of the Welcome screen.

Changing the program settings

Scrutinize the default settings of the narrator. After this, you need to go to the general settings.  This is good place for customization of the narrator program.

·        Read out voiced narrator errors- This option tells program that you are interested in hearing the text of the actual error and the sound that comes out from the Narrator when you make a mistake.
·        Highlight cursor- By this option, you can know the position of the narrator on screen.
·        Play audio cues- By this, the Narrator will play extra sound as you initiate tasks on screen. For any doubt, you can seek Windows 8.1 customer help. You can get the assistance.

This is how you can remove unknown program from Windows 8 and use narrator on Windows 8.1 through the suggested procedure. If you are new to either edition and you are still a little bit confused about the process, you should contact a reliable technician for a flawless and accurate customer help.

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