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Some Important Technical Guidelines for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

If you talk about the popularity of the Windows, the much used ones are Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Windows 7 with the codename Blackcomb or Vienna is an important part belonging to the Windows NT family and the version was released in the year 2009 to be exact on July 22. One cannot deny the fact about the positive remarks related to Windows 7 and the credit goes to its timely increment in performance, intuitive interface and many other enhancements that have been noted from time to time. Contact WindowsHelp.Support at +1-888-606-4841 for troubleshooting technical problems with Windows versions. www.windowshelp.support
But at the same time, some common issues have also tossed some types of critiques for these Windows series. Here, in this write-up, some technical tips along with technical challenges have also been described in below paragraphs. 

Some of the tips for Windows 7 are mentioned as under:
  • You can use the keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7 by clicking Ctrl+Shift+N and this is for making the new folder.
  • You can get the most from jump lists and there can be an easy approach to any folder that you want to use.
  • Use the wall papers or the secret themes by typing
TypeC/Windows/Globalization/MCT located in search Box at Start Menu and after that press Enter. Windows 7 does not display the sub-folder list. After this, you can search preferred background or theme.

There may be some doubts over the steps mentioned here, but you should not get worried as you can have trusted Premium Technical Support for Windows  from any third party company or from the Microsoft Corporation and the experts will be ready to provide any kind of guidance or help at the best.

Some promising independent Windows tech support service providers are offering their expertise to help you fix all types of issues with precision. Issues are no longer a surprising happening for any software suite; every program is exposed to technical challenges. So don’t get worries in case of any hindrances simply ask questions from certified Windows technicians by dialing Premium Customer Support Phone Number for Windows at +1-888-606-4841
  • Windows 7 permits users to make use of multiple monitors for any purpose it may serve.
  • The users of Windows 7 can get the report for power efficiency. The benefit of such report is that the operating system can have an overview of energy use of the laptop.
  • For the enhanced productivity, there is need for the check boxes. By this, one can enable checkboxes for bulk files and folders.
  • The users can now do the customization of the system tray or the notification area and it is possible to see only the icons that are in use on a regular basis.
  • You can make use of the shake feature. By the help of this feature, the user can eradicate all the clutter in a single shot.
  • One of the crucial Windows 7 characteristics or features is the aero snap and this helps in maximization of a window by shifting the icon to the screen side.
Tips related to Windows 8.1:
  • In the windows 8.1, you can get the trusted start button back again. The advantage is that the users can take a look at the various options here.
  • In Windows 8.1, users have option to personalize home screen tiles and after that regroup the tiles that are similar.
  • By Windows 8.1, the users can move straight to desktop rather than dealing with start screen tiles.
  • The users of Windows 8.1 have the choice to make the start button more advantageous.
  • Any type of applications that is not of any benefit can be terminated at the background.
  • The users can alter the display settings in an easy manner like the resolution and the orientation.
  • By window 8.1, the users can view at the multiple applications at one and the same time.
Windows 10 is presently much spoken of Windows 10 version and this is a free version being offered. For the better experience of Windows 10, you can go by the tips as under:
  • You can commence with GodMode and here the users get the Advanced Control Panel. Create new folder at any mode and after this, rename it as GodMode.
  • There is need to customize start menu for making the computer operate for you.
  • Users can schedule windows updates in order to avoid the auto-updates or pesky reminders.
  • If you are using the touch-screen gadget, than you can shift to the tablet mode with this type of Windows version.
  • In case, you are making use of the laptop, Windows 10 can protect the life of the battery.
  • One can make use of the biometric characteristic of windows 10 and by the help of this, the users can make PC unlock with the help of fingerprint.
If you are unable to understand the things or you have some confusion with respect to Windows 10, then you can dial Premium Help Desk Phone Number for Microsoft Windows 10 and get a real-time help from experts.

Some independent technicians are promptly coming up with their technical solutions for all types of issues that may plague your Windows 10 PC. Don’t make any delay in case of any technical problem.

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