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Windows 10 Customer Help - Providing IT Efficiently in Different Manners

Windows 10 is quite powerful and is the new operating system created and developed by Microsoft. One can find this operating system on all whether it is the notebook, the mobile phone or the PC. You cannot deny the problems that can arise with the Windows 10 but in such situation, there is absolutely no need to worry and we are here to provide help in a real time.

Upgrade from 32 bit version to the 64 bit version of Windows 10:

In case, the PC that you are operating has the windows 10 of 32 bit version, then one thing to note is that there can be some benefits related to the productivity that you are missing. You can move to the 64 bit version.  It is true that upgrading Windows 10 pro to Windows 10 home does not come for free but one thing the people are not aware is that when we upgrade from the 32 bit to the 64 bit, it is free of cost as set by the Microsoft corporation.

If you are experiencing the doubt in this matter, then you can go for  Microsoft Windows Expert Support and your doubt will be cleared by a third party service provider or the expert from the Microsoft Corporation itself.  When we talk about the path of upgrade, it will actually just permit the shift from the qualifying version to an equivalent edition both being on the same architecture.

By the term limit, here we mean that in case the Pc is operating on the 32 bit version of Windows 8.1, when you move for the upgrade, you finally get hooked with 32 bit version of Windows 10 despite the fact that the processor of the computer has the capacity to handle the 64 bit version.  

The solution for this is the clean installation of the operating system and after this, you need to reconfigure the application and the settings completely. If the concept is not clear still in your mind, you can clear the doubt by dialing the  Windows 10 Expert  Helpline Number and the experts of Microsoft or any third party service provider will guide you in this matter. You will have to in fact verify whether the computer system that you are using includes 64 bit version.

You need to have the surety regarding the compatibility of the 64 bit windows 10 with your computer:

You can only install the 64 bit version of Windows 10 in your computer if the computer has the capable hardware.  For this, the first thing that you need to do is to verify whether 64 bit processor is associated with your computer or not.  From the setting application, you can get this information.

·        For opening the setting application, you have to make use of the keyboard shortcut Windows key+1.
·        Tap on System.
·         Tap About.
Below the System Type, you will witness two types of information. If it is saying 32 bit operating system, x64 based processor, then the meaning is PC is operating 32 bit version of Windows 10 on 64 bit processor. If it is saying 32 bit operating system, x86 based processor, then the computer is not supporting the 64 bit of Windows 10.  If you are facing the doubt still, you can go for the  Windows Expert Technical Support and the windows 10 expert will surely clear your doubt.

As an alternative, you open the system information so that you can you can collect the information related to the processor.

·        You need to open the start menu for doing search related to the system information and next, you have to press enter.
·        On the right side, just below the system summary, you can search for the System Type. If you witness the x64 based PC, then the computer does not have the capability to operate the Windows 10 of 64 bit version. IF you witness the x86 based computer, then it will be quite difficult for you to install operating system’s other architecture version.

The fact is that the present versions of the PCs operate the windows 10 but if the computer is of the older version, you can still check whether the processor contains the required characteristics or not.  BY the help of the Windows set up wizard, you can test the compatibility of the hardware before the procedure of the installation commences. If the processor does not support the particular features, it will be quite difficult for the Windows 10 to install.  If you want to check whether the computer makes use of these features, you can make use of the command-line tool by the name Coreinfo.  
Additionally you can also call windows 10 customer helpline if you feel so.

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