Wednesday, 9 November 2016

888-606-4841-Windows 10 Creators Update: Everything You Should Learn About

Microsoft is all set to introduce a major update for Windows 10 operating system (titled as Creators Update) in coming few months. Having been scheduled to hit the operating system in early 2017, the Creators Update is entirely aimed at increasing productivity and user experience on the desktop. And the update is reliably anticipated to have major improvements for much-needed applications and tools in Windows 10 operating system.

Here in this document, we will have a look at all the improvements and enhancements (revealed so far) and discuss about the way how the improved applications would be helping us while using the Windows 10 computer system.

As it is always mentioned by the giants, you should immediately Contact Microsoft Windows Support Center team in case of any misunderstanding or technical obstacles while executing the update procedure. While the “Creators Update” is slated to arrive in the market in early 2017 (which is not so far by now), yet you should be ready to get the update on your computer system with all-around preparedness. 

So, stay connected to experienced professionals for always so as to avoid any possible obstacles. Here are some upcoming improvements in Windows 10 OS:


This time, Microsoft is coming up with a new feature MyPeople for its latest operating system Windows 10 OS. Located very next to the System Tray, the new feature is set to ease the way of communication how the people have been communicating and chatting with their friends.

Taking the MyPeople ahead of today’s chat applications, it is scheduled to get integrated with Skype, GroupMe, and Office applications. In addition, the application will also be offering some other chatting elements such as emoji so as to make the communication more interactive.

OneDrive File Placeholders:

Microsoft has announced to bring OneDrive File Placeholders back on the Windows 10 operating system, which the giant had removed from the operating system in 2015. But now after the Creators Update, all the users will be using it once again.

Improvements to Microsoft Edge:

With the Creators Update, users will see some noteworthy improvements in Microsoft Edge browser. By now, one of the major technical flaws in Edge is its exposure to a huge number of popup viruses caused by adware programs. Though the issue is quite fixable with the help of reliable  Windows Technical Support Center service, however adware programs are never a good thing for a computer system.

With increasing number of reports for technical problems with Microsoft Edge, Microsoft has given a space for some technical improvements to the web browser.

Action Center Enhancement:

The Creator Update is scheduled to improve some of the functionalities in Action Center. With enhanced user interface for desktop icons and refined Quick Access icons, you will be getting some additional improvements for adjusting your desktop.

Mail App Enhancement:

According to the reliable sources, the upcoming update is set to give some improvements to Mail App so as to enhance the productivity. In addition, it will be allowing you to get individual’s attention through the @mentions feature.

Paint 3D:

With an objective to give a push to 3D contents on Windows computers, Microsoft has included Paint 3D in its upcoming Creator Update. It had added enhancements to the existing Paint application that you can see even more creative elements on your computer system.

More technical capabilities to Cortana:

With every new update, Microsoft’s Cortana is always on the top list for getting enhancements. This time Cortana has been made more capable of fulfilling users’ requirements. With the help of enhanced Cortana application, the users can now resume their task from the point where they have left the same.

There is more to achieve:

These are not the end of upcoming enhancements, you should expect for more with Creators Update. Microsoft has a great plan this year to enhance your experience with even more advanced and upgraded execution. Scheduled to hit the operating system in early 2017, there is a lot of exciting enhancements to its applications that will assuredly give an edge to the overall Windows 10 experience.

As discussed above, you will always require for a reliable tech support service for your Windows 10 operating system. Potential issues are always there in place to put interruptions in your way. But you should not get worried – as you can avail of the services right in the same way how you have been approaching the support services. Simply dial  Windows Support Service Phone Number and get a direct access to your select technicians for a real time solution.

Apart from the Creators Update, Microsoft has also introduced an advanced and unified platform for Windows update that is ascertainably capable of reducing downloading size and inherent time period. Check for the update and download the same if available for your device.