Monday, 26 December 2016

Microsoft Support for Windows XP Performance and Windows 7 Remote Desktop Connection Issues

1. Windows XP Support to Bolster Windows’ Smooth Performance

Microsoft’s computer operating system Windows XP is still popular amongst a large number of Windows users for individual as well as commercial purposes. Thanks to its imaging highlights; enhanced taskbar and begin menu; propel security framework; remote desktop highlights; and faster sign on, start up, and log off groupings for making it world's second best working framework.
Moreover, general and technical support options from Microsoft keep users feel satisfied when they use Windows-run devices. As official support and security updates for Windows XP has already ended on April 8, 2014, users of the older version may find it hard to have the right guidance and assistance for operating it and solving a number of errors and problems associated with it. Read more at

2. How Does Windows 7 Connects to Desktop Remotely?

With the help of remote desktop feature, you are able to take control of other computers. This makes you feel as if you are sitting in front of them. The case with Windows 7 is quite different because you are not able to connect the remote desktop with Windows 7 in an easy manner due to the security settings. You can do it but for this, you have to follow some steps accurately

Permit Connection of remote desktop with firewall in Windows 7: The remote desktop connection can be blocked in Windows 7 firewall by default. To make it sure, you have to go to the control panel. You will see an Allow program option and can click on it. In the public and private networks in Windows 7, remote desktop is enabled. If you want to change options, you press button - Change settings and after that change.

Permit users of remote desktop: It is important that the user name used for connecting Microsoft Windows 7 is in the right access group. The fact is remote desktop users work as per a group policy and permission and by default, remote access group as well as local admin group has the right to connect the remote desktop. Read more at
You can find out more important Microsoft Support links on Windows XP and Windows 7 by visiting wherein you get tips and tricks for troubleshooting basic issues to advanced level Windows problems.

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Monday, 19 December 2016

Generate Windows 10 Battery Report for Enhance Battery Life Using Battery Saver

1. Battery Saver in Windows 10 Enhances Battery Life of Laptop

 Battery life is important when you are operating a laptop or notebook on Windows 10. In the Windows 10, you will find a new feature. The name of the feature is battery saver. It is for saving battery consumption. You can visit Microsoft Windows support page or dial Windows 10 tech support phone number to get help on saving battery life of Windows 10 laptops.

You have to open the action center. You can do this by the click of an icon. This icon is on the taskbar. If you want to use Windows shortcut, you have to tap Windows key+A. After this, you can tap or click battery saver quick tile. After the enabling of the battery saver, you will see the emblem on battery notification. After this, you have the choice to customize the defaults to extract most out of it. You have to disable the background activities and take the notifications further. For adjusting it further, you can go to setting>system>battery saver. Read more at

2. How to Generate Battery Report in Windows 10?

Windows 10 is a fine operating system version available in the market today. It is a product of Microsoft Corporation. It has superseded all the older versions of the same operating system in terms of features. When you use Windows 10 on the tablet or laptop, knowing about battery life is one of the important things. You see this thing when you are operating such devices.

In the portable device, you actually do not have enough battery life but for this device, managing battery life is important. For this, you will have to estimate the battery life on the device. In the notification area, you have a battery icon. By this, you will see the percentage of battery left and the estimated time left for you. If it is showing 8 hours for example, it is not exactly that. It depends on the type of operations the person is doing. You can visit page on Microsoft technical support for Windows 10 or Windows 10 support customer service if you are unable to generate battery report in Windows 10. Read more at

Find technical support links on Windows 10 helping you generate reports on battery performance and also help you optimize battery using battery saver in Windows 10. 

Monday, 12 December 2016

Fix Windows 10 Bluetooth and Network Connection Issues

         1.    How to solve connectivity issues in Windows 10

Windows 10 is an advanced level of operating system from Microsoft. It has superseded all the older versions of operating systems. You may face a problem with connection to the network and are not able to connect to the internet. In this case, you can ask for a solution. Alternately, if you want to fix Windows 10 network connection issues Microsoft customers can visit Windows 10 technical support domain for help and advanced troubleshooting steps. Guidance is available for this.

General troubleshooting

If you are facing the problem of connection loss in Windows 10, you can try for the general steps of troubleshooting. It is important for you to create a wireless network report. By the help of this, the problem diagnosis can become quite easy. If not the complete diagnosis, you will still be able to get more information. Read more at

         2.    How to Solve Bluetooth Not Working Problem After Windows 10 Upgrade

There are issues in Windows 10 even though this particular operating system is a higher version. It has some of the best features compared to the older versions. You may find that after the upgrade to Windows 10, Bluetooth does not work. This means that the blue tooth devices like the wireless phone, wireless speakers, wireless headphones, wireless fitness trackers etc do not work on Windows 10. You can even find it difficult to trace the on and off switch of the Bluetooth.

Although it works well in Windows 7 or Windows 8 but after the upgrade to Windows 10, it stops and after that, you will receive flagged messages. Some of the messages you see in such a case are devices not fully compatible or Bluetooth audio device. If you are facing problems, you should log onto Microsoft Windows 10 support page in order to fix Bluetooth problems with Windows 10. Raed more at

More and more links are posted by Microsoft onto their official Windows website but those looking for good Windows 10 phone support services can simply dial Windows 10 support number and get technical support services.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Fix Windows OS Errors Displayed on Screen

         1.    Do not panic on Display of Windows Error Message

Display of error message in Windows could be a major cause of concern especially the moment a person is working on any particular version of this OS. The fact is when an error is displayed, it is but obvious that operations are ceased. The user is in a state of turmoil as to what to do but there is no need to be tense because for every error, there is a rectification method available on the internet.

 This is a world of instant solutions because of the web and therefore no need to worry.  If you are not in a position to find a resolution of a particular error in Windows, you can connect to the certified Windows support professionals for problem solving by dialing Windows support phone number. They are apt in providing resolution of any issue because of skill and experience of so many years. Read more at

          2.    Known Windows OS Errors and Their Fixation

Know one thing that when you are browsing the web or working on a computer with Windows OS, there could be times when some error may get displayed and you cannot deny this fact. The reason for this display is to provide you the information that something is really going wrong. It could also be a problem related to the alignment with different modules. It is important to investigate into the error rather than doing a complete new install.

POST beeps

If all the crucial components of your computer are operating well, you will hear a single beep or two [depending on the manufacturer of the motherboard]. If you hear more than one beep, this could mean a problem in the hardware. As per the BIOS version, the number of extra beeps indicates that the hardware is faulty. It could be that the CMOS battery is out of power or the graphics card is not functioning in a normal manner. Read more at

Various other friendly links on Microsoft Windows Tech Support are found on Windows official website to help customers troubleshoot and fix Windows 10 errors and problems. Access to link will get you Windows phone support services from certified Windows 10 technicians.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Procedure for Windows 10 Safe Boot & Bootable Windows USB Flash Drive Creation

1.    Procedure for Bootable Windows USB flash drive
Generate the bootable USB flash drive for Windows 10 in a correct manner to initiate an install of the particular operating system running error free on your computer or PC. The good news is that since the inception of Windows 10, this advanced version of OS is available all over the world. It is probably a mistake from your side if you have not upgraded this version of Microsoft operating system on your computer yet. Other idea that could be running in your mind is that you want to do the reinstall of this operating system on a gadget or machine that already exists with you and you do it from nothing.
Windows 10 USB drive and the tool

By the help of this tool, you are able to generate a bootable 10 USB drive and it is provided by the Microsoft Corporation. The name of the tool is Windows 10 media creation tool and is launched by Microsoft. One of the principal advantages associated with it is that it makes the procedure of generating the bootable version of operating system on USB flash drive an easy process. Read more at

2.    Procedure of Booting Windows 10 Safe Mode on Computer
If you want to go to Windows 10 safe mode on your PC, you have to follow a specific procedure. If the installations are not to the point and there is a sudden failure at times like the application or the drivers, the only refuge for you in such a situation is the Safe mode.

Much has been talked about the latest operating system Windows 10 on the internet especially its advanced features that set it apart from the previous versions. With the Windows 10, the procedure of entry into the safe mode has been slightly changed by Microsoft. If you are using Windows 10 recently or have been using it since its inception, you may face the issues and such problems can be tackled only by taking the PC into the safe mode. Read more at

Find out more relevant links on booting Windows 10 in safe mode and creating bootable USB flash drive by visiting and get instant online help from certified Windows 10 technicians.

How to Share Hidden Settings and Play Android Games on Windows 10

        1.    Play Android Games on Windows 10 without Any Technical Obstacles

It must be a wonderful thing for the game-lovers who don’t want to miss enjoying HD games in their spare time period. If you love playing Android games and you want to relish the excitement on a bigger screen, then it is now possible for you to take the game excitement to your Windows computer system. Microsoft’s Windows 10 now allows the users play their preferred Android games on the Windows 10 PC without any technical problem.

What once was termed to be impossible is now fairly possible with the help of some dedicated applications. You can make the best use of game player applications, which are actually an Android emulator, but one thing that we all should take care of is to select a better and more efficient applications that can help you enjoy the game without any technical hindrances. Read more at

          2.    Here’s How You Can Enable and Show Hidden Share Settings in Windows 10

Microsoft offers a dedicated page for making a change in the sharing options within the Windows 10 settings. But you will not find easily as it is hidden by default. But if you modify some options in Windows Registry, then you can easily enable the option and make it visible in the Windows 10 settings.

The moment when you click the Share button in a file or other locations, it opens up a new panel having some applications. But you can modify the share panel by making a change in the share settings. Here in this write-up, we will talk about some important steps that you can implement while enabling the share setting page in Windows 10. Read more at

Get more relevant Window 10 support links, which will help you play android games on Windows 10 and also you get information on how to enable hidden sharing settings in Windows 10.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Forced updates in Windows 10 can annoy but they can be postponed

Updates can become a cause of disturbance for the user of Windows 10 because the process takes time to accomplish. All this can be a time consuming procedure. At the same time, updates are important when it comes to features and security. The main problem is the display on the screen at the wrong time making it impossible to open Windows 10 or close it down or do any operations till the accomplishment of the process. One may be annoyed with Microsoft in this matter calling it an act of force for the users but there is still a solace or relief for them. The users of Windows 10 can slow down the upgrades regarding features in case they want.

Forceful updates can have benefits but some users are annoyed

You cannot deny the relevance for an update that seems for you a thrust. When we talk of Microsoft’s rule in this matter, majority of the users are on a same platform for this. But the advantage associated is that many technical and non-technical problems that might arise in future can be lessened. There will be reduction in assistance as well with this.

For the user, updates are actually a benefit in the long run because the chances of being attacked by malware become less. There are certain users who are not happy with these updates from Microsoft especially if some of them are annoying or if certain installation issues exist with some of them.

In case, you are operating Windows 10, then you are definitely subjugated to Microsoft when it comes to the unexpected update. The point of concern is that you are helpless to do anything if the update is thrust on you. It happens in Windows 10 home version to a greater extent. If you want to stop these updates in Windows 10 home version, you can contact Windows 10 support to learn how to stop automatic Windows 10 updates from installing.  There is a bit of relief when it comes to Windows 10 pro and enterprise users because in these versions, they can postpone some of them though not all.

Postponing the Windows 10 updates--you can do it

For the procedure of postponing Windows 10 updates to accomplish, you have to tap on start and after that choose settings cog icon. It is located on the left side of start menu. You can open the settings app by a click on start. After this, you can move to update and security. You can go beneath Update settings sub heading and select advanced options. When you do this, there will be pop up of new advanced options screen. After this, you can tap on check box having the defer feature updates. It is done. If you are facing some obstacle in the procedure, you can dial Windows 10 customer service phone number to get help on stopping Windows 10 automatic updates.

Postpone [defer] the Windows 10 updates

When you make adjustment of the settings, this will make you land on a peculiar update channel in Windows 10. It is called “Current branch for business”. In this version related to Windows 10, you will not get feature upgrades as quickly as others. As far as the security upgrades are concerned, you can get them in the same manner irrespective of the branch.

As per the statement of Microsoft, you will not be forced for the feature upgrade installation for months if you are postponing the upgrades. One of them is the Creators update. Reality is you cannot actually defer when it comes to Windows 10 update but definitely you can play some tricks to make a forced update somewhat bearable. 

How and What to Get from Windows 10 Anniversary Update

1.   Learn the Methods to Get Windows 10 Anniversary Update
Around three months back, Microsoft rolled out anniversary updates for its latest operating system Windows 10. As the official Microsoft blog outlines, the update has brought in a huge changes in the overall execution, including some fixes to the existing technical problems with Windows 10 OS. If you are still postponing your plan to get the update on your Windows 10 computer system, simply because you don’t have any idea how to update the operating system, then get through the write-up and understand the involved technical methods that you can implement while getting the massive Anniversary Update for your Windows machine.
You will come to learn about the procedures what are suggested by the official experts. On the other hand, you can also visit Microsoft support page or official blog to learn about the procedures. Microsoft technical teams for Windows 10 support are able to help you in all possible manners, whenever you access the professional. Read more at
2.   What is Changed in Your PC after Windows 10 Anniversary Update?
Microsoft rolled out second massive update for its Windows 10, nicknamed as Windows 10 Anniversary Update, with a lot of changes in several ways. As per the official record, a number of users have been identified to have the update onto their computer system. It has been hailed as a big update for the Windows PC, which touches almost every aspect of the Windows 10 operating system. Since the anguish over the way, how the OS has been creating technical issues with the Windows execution, has always been on the high, Microsoft has tried its best to address all the issues effectively through the new Anniversary Updates.
If your PC is still away from the update, then it’s a good time to get the update on your personal computer. There may be some challenges while downloading and installing the update on your PC, you should contact experts for Windows 10 tech support service to take away the possible issues. Read more at
You can also find relevant technical support links on Microsoft Windows 10 by visiting or get direct technical support from official website for Windows 10.