Monday, 5 December 2016

Forced updates in Windows 10 can annoy but they can be postponed

Updates can become a cause of disturbance for the user of Windows 10 because the process takes time to accomplish. All this can be a time consuming procedure. At the same time, updates are important when it comes to features and security. The main problem is the display on the screen at the wrong time making it impossible to open Windows 10 or close it down or do any operations till the accomplishment of the process. One may be annoyed with Microsoft in this matter calling it an act of force for the users but there is still a solace or relief for them. The users of Windows 10 can slow down the upgrades regarding features in case they want.

Forceful updates can have benefits but some users are annoyed

You cannot deny the relevance for an update that seems for you a thrust. When we talk of Microsoft’s rule in this matter, majority of the users are on a same platform for this. But the advantage associated is that many technical and non-technical problems that might arise in future can be lessened. There will be reduction in assistance as well with this.

For the user, updates are actually a benefit in the long run because the chances of being attacked by malware become less. There are certain users who are not happy with these updates from Microsoft especially if some of them are annoying or if certain installation issues exist with some of them.

In case, you are operating Windows 10, then you are definitely subjugated to Microsoft when it comes to the unexpected update. The point of concern is that you are helpless to do anything if the update is thrust on you. It happens in Windows 10 home version to a greater extent. If you want to stop these updates in Windows 10 home version, you can contact Windows 10 support to learn how to stop automatic Windows 10 updates from installing.  There is a bit of relief when it comes to Windows 10 pro and enterprise users because in these versions, they can postpone some of them though not all.

Postponing the Windows 10 updates--you can do it

For the procedure of postponing Windows 10 updates to accomplish, you have to tap on start and after that choose settings cog icon. It is located on the left side of start menu. You can open the settings app by a click on start. After this, you can move to update and security. You can go beneath Update settings sub heading and select advanced options. When you do this, there will be pop up of new advanced options screen. After this, you can tap on check box having the defer feature updates. It is done. If you are facing some obstacle in the procedure, you can dial Windows 10 customer service phone number to get help on stopping Windows 10 automatic updates.

Postpone [defer] the Windows 10 updates

When you make adjustment of the settings, this will make you land on a peculiar update channel in Windows 10. It is called “Current branch for business”. In this version related to Windows 10, you will not get feature upgrades as quickly as others. As far as the security upgrades are concerned, you can get them in the same manner irrespective of the branch.

As per the statement of Microsoft, you will not be forced for the feature upgrade installation for months if you are postponing the upgrades. One of them is the Creators update. Reality is you cannot actually defer when it comes to Windows 10 update but definitely you can play some tricks to make a forced update somewhat bearable. 

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